unaweposter2.jpgLast weekend (Dec 15,22007), Bosscha Observatory was busy with the inauguration of Kerkhoven house as the first Astronomy Museum in Indonesia. In this event, Indonesia UNAWE team also take part to show our Road Trip to Java poster paper as well our game prototype and material. Almost all prototype are ready like, Solar System postcard and poster, Milky Way Poster, Astronomy cards, snake ladder game board, efferfesent rocket model, Subaru Origami model, sky map, Astronomy coloring picture and Saturn model.


Beside poster, UNAWE Indonesia team also had a chance to play and share with the children. In this event, the children comes from 2 elementary school in Lembang and Bandung. They got invited to join a talk show with Malaysia Cosmonaut but after the lunch break, we had time to spent with them.

At first we planned to play several games, but there weren’t much time. So after lunch, we divide them into groups and gave them astronomy coloring picture. As a gift, we gave Solar System postcard to each kids, and 2 poster of Solar System and Milky Way to their school.


Although we have limited time to share with the children, we did happy to see the joy in their face when they get postcard. Wish we had enough time to play.

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