Disable Access to Youtube, MySpace, Multiply, Rapidshare

To night I received this email from Melsa :

Dear valued member,

Due to the Indonesian Minister Legal number : 84/M.KOMINFO/04/08 concerning some minor harming internet content for the Indonesian community therefore we hereby to disable all access to the sites hosting the particular content, as follows :
We’re sorry for this inconvenience.
Thanks for your intention

I do speechless. Well it do happens now. They blocked our access to several sites because our government thinks it would harm Indonesia community. Minor harm? Just because they had FITNA movie? if you don’t like to watch.. do not watch it. If the government do thinks people will made riot or whatever.. than teach the community to act and behave in the right way if they don’t like the movie.

I am sad to see this decision. When we want to take a step forward.. the government push us to take a step back. YouTube contain so many great video for education purpose

This is so ridiculous. Dark ages for internet users in Indonesia??????????????????

live by grace and mercy of the Lord. a pilgrimage in this world. astronomy communicator. food lovers. mac mania. gamers. chatters. wine and hang out lovers.

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  • hmmm, segala sesuatu ada baik buruknya, disisi baiknya ada pengorbanan di sisi buruknya, tetap berfikir positif akan lebih baik….

  • asem deh emang pemerintah main tutup2 ajah, kan banyak resources yang berguna di youtube dll,….isinya bukan itu film satu….

    btw, artikel2 astronominya keren 😀

  • emberrrrr.. sama dr speedy jg terima tuh notice..

  • pengen bunuh tikus, jadi dibakar serumah – rumahnya… langkah yang kurang tepat. Tapi sekarang google & depkominfo sudah kerjasama blok fitna khusus untuk Indonesia.

  • ting tong ???

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