In Indonesia, Astronomy research is conduct by Astronomy Department of Institut Teknologi Bandung, National Institute of Aeronautics & Space (LAPAN), and Meteorological & Geophysical Agency (BMG).

In Astronomy, ITB, there are 3 subdivisions: Galaxy and Cosmology, Stellar Physics, and Solar System. Research topics in the Galaxy and Cosmology subdivision are the study of structure and dynamics of our home galaxy, the Milky Way, distribution and evolution of galaxies as building blocks of the large scale structure of the universe, active galactic nuclei such as quasar, the search for dark matter, and theoretical and observational cosmology starting from the early universe to the most recent.

Research activities in the Stellar Physics subdivision covers three main topics (a) theoretical studies and numerical modeling of stellar evolution, stellar structure and atmosphere, circumstellar envelope and matter, common and peculiar classes of variable stars (close binary, pulsating, accretion disk), light curve and spectral synthesis; (b) Photometry and spectroscopy of variable stars (eclipsing binaries, Be stars, Helium stars, Am stars, cataclysmic binaries), polarimetry of Herbig Ae stars, and astrometry for orbital elements and physical parameters determination of visual double stars; (c) Development of data acquisition and processing systems, i.e. CCD-based astronomical instruments, image and data processing, data archival, knowledge-based classification of digital stellar spectra.

The Solar System research subdivision is active in solar physics (sunspot proper motion and its relation to the solar flare, solar-terrestrial relationships, high solar energetic particle), solar system physics (planetary Mars atmosphere, Titan atmosphere), near earth asteroid, dynamics and evolution of asteroids (family asteroids), and orbit calculation of hazardous objects and extra solar planets.

In National Institute of Aeronautics & Space (LAPAN), their research are in Solar Activity, Space Environment and Sun Connection, Satellite Orbital Perturbation, Geomagnetic and Space Magnetic, Ionospheric Dynamic, Middle and Upper Atmospheric Dynamic, and Early Warning System of HF Radio Communication.

In Meteorological & Geophysical Agency, at 2006 they made revitalization of Transit telescope drift-scan CCD imager in Jakarta.

Just now, several research from graduate students has been present in 10th Asian Pacific Regional IAU Meeting 2008 in Kunming, and will be publish in 10th APRIM proceedings.

published in 2nd IOAA Newsletter

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