In the 2nd International Olympiads on Astronomy and Astrophysics Exhibition, almost all astronomy community in Indonesia joint this event. Here, you can met Jakarta Amateur Astronomy Club, langitselatan, Astronomy Students Association (ITB), Cakrawala (Universitas Pendidikan),Kastro Sirius 89 (SMA 89), FOSCA (Jakarta Forum of student science club), Madania, Astronomy Indonesia mailing list community, and UNAWE Indonesia.

Each community exhibit about themselves and interact with visitors. Among them, UNAWE Indonesia is one of the favorite playground corner for children. Here, children could play many games such as quart, astronomy puzzles, coloring astronomy images, astronomy rubik and playing the giant snakes and ladders board. They also take the A4 snakes and ladders boards as a gift. Not just that, Prof. Ron Ekers, the former IAU Presidents was also played the giant board game too.

It was an excited moment to see many children gather in the playground corner to play or just watched others. Some of the children had to find another place to sit and coloring their pictures.

Another children activities in this exhibition was BOBO drawing competition and BOBO astronomy Labyrinth where children could act as an astronaut.

Those three days were great not just for children who plays there but also for us. To see the happiest faces of the children and all others visitors was the best moment of all.

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