Three, two, one………….hurray the rocket launch.

Those are happy voices from visitors in Water Rocket session at Science Aeronautics Festivals last week in  Indonesia Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Haurngombong Village, Tanjung, Sari, Sumedang. LAPAN hold thie festival to participate in World Space Week. In this festival LAPAN also colaborate with langitselatan and Universe Awareness for young children (UNAWE).

There were many activities including drawing and coloring competition, teaching aid equipments competition for students, solar observation, quiz test, water rocket workshop, game like snake and ladder, quart, origami, also portable planetarium show, astronomy presentation, movies and night observation.  In this events, langitselatan had opportunity to conduct the water rocket workshop and provide the planisphere for southern sky.  In this workshop most of our participants in water rockets workshop were students and teachers.

At first we launched a rocket and then we started to teach the visitors how to build rocket and its launcher. After the teaching session, students and teachers were allowed to launch the water rocket. It was fun to see they try to launch the rocket, while others keep asking about how to get the rocket material. This is one of many hands on activities that impressed teachers and students. At the end of the session, students from teacher aid equipments competition also showed their rocket to all the visitors there.

When the sun sets and the night came, while Ferry M.S from Astronomy Department of ITB gave a talk about astronomy software, sky map, and astronomy in general, langitselatan also had a chance to observe with galileoscope for the first time. And it was great. Aldino and I started by gave a feeling on how to be Galileo when he pointed his telescope for the first time 400 years ago.  We asked students to imagine how excited it was when they could find Jupiter and its moon for the first time. So at first we gave the students a chance to look through the scope and then we change the scope direction and asked them to find Jupiter again by themselves. It was a beautiful night.

Even though there was no portable planetarium, but the real planetarium dome above amazed us with its beauty. A clear sky that we can see milky way and millions stars above with naked eye. It was a great chance for us to build awareness among students about sky and universe through galileoscope and its story and also through the beauty of the sky. Although we are tired but it can’t stop us to enjoy the night beauty under the real planetarium dome, the sky itself.

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