It’s been a while since I have a thought to share something about scientific poster paper in Pages in this blog. It is by far the best program to build scientific poster paper aside from CorelDraw and Adobe InDesign.

For me, poster paper is about the content, design and high quality of printing.  I do concern about the design and output. So the application must have printing resolution just like CorelDraw, Adobe InDesign  or Adobe Photoshop. I love both program.

As far as I know, most scientist here build their scientific poster paper with Powerpoint, and it’s nice. But the problem, powerpoint is not geared for printing.  It is only for screen presentation. So even you have the best design for your poster, the print out quality is not as high as corel or adobe photoshop.

And then iWork come with Pages, it isn’t only for documenting but also work as canvas so you can design almost anything you like.  It support for vector graphics, floating images, easy columns, stroke, nice and cute frames, instant alpha, very nice 2D and 3D Charts and many more.  So how to build poster paper with Pages ?

  1. Open a new blank document / canvas as you wish.
  2. Setup the page to A0 size : (84.1 cm x 118.90cm)
  3. If you want to work with fixed column you can setup the column from layout inspector.
  4. You can start to build your own scientific poster paper as you wish. Just explore your imagination. And pages give many tools to make your design beautiful such as stroke, frames etc.
  5. To print, if you have large printer device so you can print it out. But if you don’t have a large printer that support A0 paper, and you don’t know if the print service support mac or not, you can export the file to PDF first before print.  (well in my place almost all print service do not support mac)
  6. If you want to save your work as a template you can go to File -> Save as Template

And here I  make a scientific poster paper template for you. I use blank canvas and play around using shapes to divide each section. Hope you like it and it can be use to present your work in a conference or any other occasion.


Download here : [download id=”12″]

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