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Sep 28 2009

Keynote Theme : Folded Paper

For a long time.. I always like the idea of folded paper as background. It seems really cool and bring back old memory.

So I try to make a folded paper theme for you. I use the background from ubersuper. It is free to use and not for commercial purpose and so does the theme. You can use it for free not for commercial. This theme includes 6 master for you. So please enjoy.

Another thing, this is my first time to make package so  if you find something wrong with the installation, please let me know. You can leave a message here.

Download here : Folded Paper (19858 downloads)

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  1. noemi

    I can not open the scientific templates. When i download the name of the poster, opens a aper color zip. Not a template of the paper it self.
    Can u send mi a note no say how do a download the template of the poster

    • hi I’m sorry. I just know that your comment identified as a spam. I try to download the scientific paper template and unzip it and then open it with pages. it works.

    • Alossa

      IDK! THat happened to me too; I dont noe whats wrong……. -____-

  2. I posted a question here yesterday or the day before about the Folded Paper template download. It hasn’t shown up in the comments but when I tried to repost it, I was told that I had already said that. Just wondering….

  3. I’ll repeat my question, and add one, since the original didn’t show up:

    1. I really like the looks of the Folded Paper Keynote theme. However, it seems to be incomplete. When I unzipped the file, I had an installation package. Once I used that to install the theme and opened Keynote, I found the theme. However, when I opened it in Keynote, there was only one master page, not 6 as both the text and the thumbnails show. Also, the “Review Errors” showed several files and a font missing:


    2. When I used the .pkg file to install the (faulty) Folded Paper theme, I don’t where it was installed. It’s not in ~/Library/Application Support/iWork/Keynote/Themes (where user themes are stored and where it looks like the .pkg tried to install the theme). Nor is it in /Applications/ (where Apple’s default themes are stored). At least it’s not in either of those places by any form of the name, Folded Paper. I need to delete the incomplete theme. Can you tell me how to delete this theme?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Bob Allen

    • thank you. and for your questions :

      1. did you checked the master slide section instead of the slide section? it will have 6 master slide. but in slide section you can only see one slide which is the title page. I try to download the file in here and it has 6 master slide as it should be.

      2. And yes somehow I got problem with the missing file as you say. which should not happen. so here I reupload the file again. you can download it from the link above again. the new file shouldn’t have the same problem again. as for the fonts I change it from stacatto to BrushScript MT.

      3. to delete the file. the installer goes to your system not in user section: it will be store in MachintosHD/Library/Application Support/iWork/Keynote/Themes

      please let me know if there is a problem. and I’m sorry for this inconvenience.

    • Richard Dickison

      Same problem as Bob Allen, 5 yrs later. Is this going to be fixed?

  4. Aditya

    Woow… Great themes.
    Thank you for sharing. and I love the green project things. Cool.
    Been wondering, how do you make a tamplate in pages? Guess I’d like the idea of creating my own template. 😀 lol.
    I’ve been using Mac only for a month and already fallen in love with iWork.

    Thanks anyway,

    • Thank you for visiting my site. Sorry for my late reply. I’ve been quite busy lately.

      Sure you can build you own template just free your imagination, and a short trial and error and you will find that you can build your own template.

      how do I make a template in pages. hmm just try to think what I want for my document or presentation.

      iWork is really nice, isn’t it?

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  16. Very promising.


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