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  • Libor Votocek, M.Sc.

    Life in purple is absolutely gorgeous! This is really fantastic! I love purple colour for my dress in which I make public lectures … I am really looking forward to present my public lectures in the purple template. I have many keynote templates, but nothing like this 🙂 God bless You. Libor from Prague, Czech Republic, Central Europe

  • Libor Votocek, M.Sc.

    Dear Ivie,

    I have found some problems with downloading Life in Purple theme. Firefox download manager shows me – the file couldn’t be read. Have some ideas where is the problem? Thank You Ivie. God bless You. Libor

    • thank you for telling me. Just realize the problem. it’s in the download path I provide, and I already fixed it. But however I upload a new file which I add 2 more master slide. just enjoy.

  • Azwin Najihah

    It is so beautiful!!

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