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Astronomy Education And Popularisation in Asia Pacific

August 2008, all attention goes to China for the Olympic game. One World One Dream is the motto of the games. But Olympic game is not the only important events in China. Early August, all astronomers from Asia Pacific gather together for the 10th Asian Pacific Regional IAU Meeting, in Kunming, Yunan Province, P.R. China. This meeting was held from 3 – 6 August and attended by more than 300 participants. This meeting holds 8 topics sessions, with one of them was Education and Popularisation of Astronomy.

In APRIM 2008, education and popularisation of astronomy session emphasised on Asia Pacific countries preparation for International Year of Astronomy 2009. The meeting was started with a brief explanation by Prof. Norio Kaifu about IYA2009 and Japan activity during this event. In his talks, Prof. Kaifu also proposed network collaboration in Asian Star. Asian star is a collaboration program between countries in Asia to collect good myth/legends relating to stars and universe in each counties and regions.

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APRIM dalam Perspektif

Baru 3 hari tiba di Indonesia, saya sudah harus melakukan perjalanan kembali. Kali ini saya menuju Kunming, China untuk menghadiri the 10th Asian Pacific Regional IAU Meeting. Jumat pagi, atau tepatnya tanggal 1 Agustus saya pun berangkat menuju Kunming menggunakan Cathay Pacific sampai di Hong Kong, kemudian nginep semalam di Hong Kong sebelum melanjutkan perjalanan ke Kunming dengan Dragon Air.

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