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Water Rocket Workshop and Galileoscope

Three, two, one………….hurray the rocket launch.

Those are happy voices from visitors in Water Rocket session at Science Aeronautics Festivals last week in  Indonesia Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Haurngombong Village, Tanjung, Sari, Sumedang. LAPAN hold thie festival to participate in World Space Week. In this festival LAPAN also colaborate with langitselatan and Universe Awareness for young children (UNAWE).

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Indonesia UNAWE in Kerkhoven House Inauguration

unaweposter2.jpgLast weekend (Dec 15,22007), Bosscha Observatory was busy with the inauguration of Kerkhoven house as the first Astronomy Museum in Indonesia. In this event, Indonesia UNAWE team also take part to show our Road Trip to Java poster paper as well our game prototype and material. Almost all prototype are ready like, Solar System postcard and poster, Milky Way Poster, Astronomy cards, snake ladder game board, efferfesent rocket model, Subaru Origami model, sky map, Astronomy coloring picture and Saturn model.

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